Things that make me irrationally angry: It would hardly be a revelation to say I detest poor grammar. And, when listing things I hate, confidently used poor grammar really takes the prize. But in a close second place comes the Range Rover Sport (and all Range Rovers in general). I wish to add a disclaimer here: I am no tree hugger! I do not drive a Toyota Prius, I would rather drive than take the bus, I have a wood-burning stove at home that I happily stoke with wood and coal if I am feeling a bit chilly. Nevertheless I do detest the wanton negligence of the Range Rover Sport – I accept the desire to go fast, and suppose that I must accept that people want to drive big cars… But you do not need to do both at the same time! 0-60 in under six seconds should not be a winning aspect of an off road vehicle. It is simply pointless! It is a bit like asking a Great Dane to be as fast as a whippet… A Great Dane’s very purpose is different from that of a whippet. As such it is inane to have a Great Whippet (the dog breeders of the nation having a sudden moment of epiphany – let it be my gift to Crufts).blog vein cars 2
So the speed pisses me off: not just because it is pointless, but also because it is a waste. However, we still do not reach the thing that makes me most angry. This resides in the use case. Ie. Who is it that owns such a vehicle? Is it mountain rescue who need a car to go fast off road? No – and not just because the car’s chassis cannot manage that sort of speed off road. Not just because it will give you little change from £100k. It is sold to the urban 4×4 users in inner London and footballer’s wives. These individuals are neither driving off road, nor are they (as anyone who has ever driven in london will corroborate) going over 30mph – both because it is impossible because of the traffic and because there are speed cameras every mile! Thus they cannot even tap into the theoretical capabilities of the car. Why have it then? Status symbol; they buy the brand!
So we should put this into context: £100,000, on something that is, because of its size, an active hindrance, all to look the part! So what is is that makes me so cross about the range rover sport: vanity!